How to withdraw money using the P2P network?

Airtm facilitates the exchange between USDC dollars and different payment methods, through the P2P network that we built over the years and that distinguishes us from other electronic wallets by allowing your money to connect with more payment methods and services, at better rates, all over the world.

Step by step to withdraw funds:

1. Go to the left side panel on your account, press "Withdraw" and select the payment method in which you want to receive the funds.

2. Enter the amount to withdraw, confirm the details of the payment method and submit the request.

3. When a peer accepts your request, the withdrawal amount will be withheld from your account balance by Airtm on behalf of your peer to make the transaction secure.

4. Your peer will send the funds to the payment method selected by you, using the information you provided when creating the request.

5. When your peer notifies you that the funds have been sent, you must verify that you have actually received them correctly. Only if you have successfully received the funds, confirm receipt to release the funds to your peer's Airtm account and complete the transaction.

6. If you have not yet received the funds, contact your peer in the operation chat to communicate any eventuality or action necessary to complete the transaction.

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