How to add funds using Amazon Gift Card?

Adding funds to your Airtm account using an Amazon gift card is very simple, however, there are rules that must be followed to ensure proper execution of the process.

Recently, Amazon USD (physical card) and Amazon USD (digital card) payment methods were divided according to the number of cards you own. This is very important since the exchange rate and other conditions are determined by the type and amount of cards you will provide.

Here are some scenarios as an example,

* It is forbidden to create transactions using the payment method Amazon USD (physical card) if the origin of the card you want to fund is digital, in this case, you must select the payment method Amazon USD (digital card) and the amount of cards to make your transaction.

* It is prohibited to use the payment methods Amazon USD (physical card) 1 Card and Amazon USD (digital card) 1 Card if you intend to provide more than 1. In this case, you must choose the method according to the type of card and the amount of cards you have. 

Otherwise, you would be breaking Airtm's rules of use which could result in penalties on your account. 

Below is an image to familiarize you with the different versions of the payment method.

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