How to sends funds in Airtm (internal)

Airtm facilitates the sending of funds between registered users on the platform, for this you only need the recipient's email or username.

Steps to send funds: 

1. Go to "Send/Request" and select the "Send" option.

2. Enter the email address or username of the person you are sending to as well as the amount and a note.

3. Confirm. We will send a notification to the recipient of the funds.

If you send more than $400 USDC in aggregate volume to other users OR >3 sends (including completing fund requests received) on Airtm within the same month (determined by UTC timezone), a 1.% commission will be charged after exceeding the limit, as follows:

  • If you send $300 USDC on September 1 (for example) and then USD 200 September 2, a 1% fee will be charged on the additional $100 USDC over the $400 USDC limit per month. 
  • If you send $200 USDC on September 3rd, 1% will be charged on the $200 USDC total since you already exceeded the $400 USDC limit per month on September 2.
  • If you send $100 USDC on October 1, no fee or commission will be charged because the $400 AirUSD limit will have been re-established.

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