Auto withdrawal

  1. How do I enable this feature?

  1. Auto withdrawals are enabled by accessing the feature in /auto-withdraw and following the steps:
  1. Verifying your Account
  2. Configuring your selected Payment Method
  3. Enabling the feature
  1. Am I eligible to use this feature?

  1. Any user can enable Auto Withdrawals, nevertheless the only funds that will be automatically withdrawn, will be the ones received from one of our partners.

  1. How does this feature work?

  1. Any time you receive funds to your Airtm account from a partner, a transaction will automatically be created with your configured Payment Method.

    If you choose a P2P method, then a verified cashier will complete your transaction for you; if you choose a Direct method, then the transaction will complete in a specific time frame directly to your Payment Method of choice.

4. Why am I not getting my money?

  1. If you enabled Auto Withdrawals and received a payment from a partner and still haven’t received your money, you can go to Airtm’s platform to check the status of your transaction. If something went wrong, you can contact to understand what happened. Auto Withdrawals that failed will not be able to be recreated, you’ll have to withdraw those funds by yourself with our P2P or Direct networks.
    If there is no transaction created you might’ve received less than the required amount to create an Auto Withdrawal, the minimum amount is set at $5 USDC. The transaction will be created once your summed amount from money received from partners reaches at least $5 USDC.

  1. I got an email that said the Auto Withdrawal was successful but I didn’t receive any money in my selected Payment Method. What should I do?

  1. If the transaction has been completed successfully and you haven’t received your funds, please contact immediately and we’ll help you!
    Before submitting a ticket to support, make sure you’ve correctly searched for the auto withdrawal transaction, remember that if you’re using our peer to peer network, you’ll be receiving funds from one of our verified cashiers.

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