How do I directly (non-P2P) withdraw from my Airtm wallet to a bank?

Airtm provides users direct transfers from their Airtm wallet to their local bank account via Wyre (US) and dLocal (Non-US countries listed below) banking software providers.

Benefits of moving funds directly over peer-to-peer include:

  1. Guaranteed completion. 
  2. Depending on the payment method, faster time to completion.
  3. Depending on the payment method, increase transaction size limits.
  4. Depending on the payment method, lower costs to withdraw. 

The following payment methods are supported for direct withdrawals:

  • Argentina Banks & Mercado Pago
  • Australia Banks
  • Austria Banks
  • Bangladesh Banks
  • Belgium Bank
  • Bulgaria Bank
  • Bolivia Banks
  • Brazil Banks
  • Chile Banks
  • Colombia Banks
  • Costa Rica Banks
  • Croatia Banks 
  • Cyprus Banks
  • Czech Republic Banks
  • Denmark Banks
  • Ecuador Banks
  • England Banks
  • Estonia Banks
  • Finland Banks
  • France Banks
  • Germany Banks
  • Greece Banks
  • Hungary Banks
  • Iceland Banks
  • Ireland Banks
  • Italy Banks
  • India Banks
  • Latvia Banks
  • Liechtenstein Banks
  • Lithuania Banks
  • Luxembourg Banks
  • Malta Banks
  • Morocco Banks
  • Mexico Banks
  • Nigeria Banks
  • Netherlands Banks
  • Norway Banks
  • Panama Banks
  • Paraguay Banks
  • Peru Banks
  • Poland Banks
  • Portugal Banks
  • Romania Banks
  • Scotland Banks
  • Slovakia Banks
  • Slovenia Banks
  • Spain Banks
  • Sweden Banks
  • Switzerland Banks
  • Turkey Banks
  • United States Banks
  • Uruguay Banks

To Withdraw directly to your local bank account in the above countries:

1. Once logged in, select Withdraw in the left side menu.

2. Select your country bank either from the shortcuts shown or you can search by selecting "More payment methods"

3. Input the amount you would like to withdraw from your Airtm balance and under the Direct tab, click “Select”.

  • If you haven’t already done so, you will be prompted to verify with Airtm.

4. Complete the form to configure your local bank account

5. Review the information and confirm the transaction. Funds will be debited from your Airtm account and arrive in your local bank account within 2 business days.

*Withdrawal limits are $1,800 AirUSD per transaction and $8,000 AirUSD in volume per month ($3,000 AirUSD per month for Brazil, $200 AirUSD per month for Argentina) for non-US countries, and $50,000 in volume per month for the US.

To withdraw to a third part account, we recommend creating a withdraw via the Request tab (instead of the Direct tab).

Once created, transactions can not be manually canceled. Transactions will automatically cancel, and funds returned to your Airtm account, if the receiving bank is unable to locate an account associated with the payment information you provided. This may take up to 3 busi

If you have any questions or issues, please contact us.

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