Binance Pay - Required fields to send/receive funds

Binance provides its clients with two different identification numbers, one is the Binance ID, the other is the Pay ID.

In the past, users could send funds just by entering one of the two IDs of the recipient, however, recently, Binance has implemented changes to its service, in order to avoid sending funds to incorrect recipients. For this reason, when sending money by entering either the Binance ID or the Pay ID, the Binance system may request the last 2 digits of the opposite ID, this in order to validate that the balance is being sent to the correct account.

Since both fields are necessary to complete fund transfers, it is important to include them when registering this payment method in Airtm.

Below, we indicate in which section of the platform you can find each of the

Binance ID: It’s located in your Binance account details section:

Pay ID: It is located within the Binance Pay section:

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