How to make a withdrawal (peer-to-peer)

Airtm facilitates the exchange between different payment methods and dollars at Airtm, which we call AirUSD. We do this through our peer-to-peer network that we have built up over the years. This peer-to-peer network is what distinguishes Airtm from other e-wallets and allows your Airtm funds to be connected to more payment methods, at better rates, worldwide.

Steps to withdraw funds:

Go to the left side panel, select the Withdraw option and the payment method.

Enter the amount to Withdraw, confirm the payment method details and confirm the details to submit your request.

3. The funds in your Airtm account will be held by Airtm in your partner's name.

4. Once a match is made, your peer will send you funds to the selected payment method using the details you entered when creating the transaction.

5. When you receive the funds, you will need to confirm to release the held funds to your peer's Airtm account.

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