What is Pay local?

This feature allows you to transfer money from your Airtm account to a person's or company's bank or digital wallet, regardless of the country they are in and without the need for the recipient to have an Airtm account.

  • Make payments or send money from your Airtm account to anyone's local or digital wallet account.

  • The recipient does not need to have an Airtm account.

  • Allows you to save your recipient’s payment methods information, saving you time in future transactions.

Some Use Cases

  • Send money to your family and friends directly from your Airtm account to their bank or digital wallet. The best part: they don’t need to have an Airtm account.

  • Make payments directly to your supplier’s bank or digital wallet without the need for the supplier to have an Airtm account.

Need to make a payment? 

From your Airtm account, go to “Pay local”, select your recipient's payment method, fill in the requested info and send the money.

  1. Log in to Airtm.

  2. In your side menu, go to "Pay local".

  3. Find and select the payment method you wish to use. 
    *Payments will be made via P2P, with the exception of payments to a US account which can be made directly.

  1. Enter the amount you wish to receive in the destination account and click "Request".

  2. In the window to configure the payment method, select whether or not to save the recipient's information for future transactions.

  1. Enter the requested information, including the bank account holder's email address to be notified of the process.

  2. Confirm that the information is correct and submit the request. 

  3. After acceptance, the cashier will send the funds to the account entered. Once sent, he will confirm the transfer and the person will receive an email notifying them that the funds have been sent. It is important that you are in contact with the person who owns the account to which the withdrawal was made at all times. 


Once the recipient confirms receipt of the funds, it is your responsibility to return to Airtm and confirm receipt of funds.

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