How to add funds with PayPal?

Here you will find a couple of simple steps and recommendations to successfully complete your Airtm funding transaction from, remember not to mention currency exchange or Airtm at any point of the PayPal payment process.

Steps to follow:

  1. After your transaction is accepted, wait a few minutes and check your email. You will receive a message with an invoice to pay on
  2. Identify that the value of the invoice charged by your peer is correct. Log in to your account and pay the invoice. If you have any questions about the invoice, you can use the transaction chat to communicate with your peer.
  3. Confirm that you have paid the invoice in Airtm by clicking the “Confirm payment” button.
  4. PayPal will email you notifying you of the payment you just made and adding the detailed payment summary.
  5. Forward this message with the payment details to your peer's email.
  6. Wait for your peer to process the payment and confirm the transaction (This usually takes a few minutes).

Additional recommendations:

  1. Do not send the money directly to your peer's email, always wait for the invoice. It would take a few minutes for the invoice to arrive.
  2. You must not send more money than indicated by our system (your peer will assume the PayPal commission).
  3. Please avoid opening a controversy or dispute on PayPal. If there is any problem in your transaction, stay calm, the money is safe in Airtm until the transaction is completed, a member of the staff will contact you through the transaction chat to discuss any questions about the payment process.
  4. If the transaction enters mediation on the Airtm platform, it is not necessary to generate a support ticket, our mediation team will contact you through the transaction chat to review what happened and complete the transaction.

Thank you for choosing to be part of Airtm!

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