Withdraw from Airtm to bank account

Inside your Airtm account, follow these steps:

- Press the Add/Withdraw button
- At the top of the tab, select Withdraw

- Select the payment method where you will receive the money (the system shows by default 6 accounts of the ones registered in your profile). To find the others, click on "More payment methods")

- Enter the amount you wish to receive on USDC in the Funds to send field and the system will indicate in the Funds to receive field what you must have in your bank account before completing the transaction on Airtm
- Press Select

- Enter and/or confirm your bank account details
- Click Submit Request

- A peer will accept the transaction and you must wait for him or her to confirm that the funds have been sent to your bank account

- After confirming that you have received the funds in your destination account, go back to Airtm and on the Details tab, click the Confirm Received button. In the pop-up window, mark the checkbox and confirm the transaction.

- After completing the transaction, rate your peer. This step is important to maintain the quality of service on our platform.
Important: Complete the withdrawal on Airtm only after you have logged into your bank account and confirmed the receipt of the amount. Never agree to confirm before receiving funds and report any user who asks you to do so by opening a ticket as soon as possible. Airtm is not responsible for funds released without confirmation and payment.

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