How to verify your account using a phone.

General considerations:

The process of registering your Airtm account must be done from the web browser of your device, not from the Airtm mobile App.

If you do not have access to the Airtm URL from your web browser, you must first download and activate a VPN application on your device.

Any official link that you receive from Airtm in your email to confirm or validate your account information, you must copy it from the email you receive and paste it directly into the web browser in the upper box where the URL is written.

Verify that you have more than 50% battery on your device to ensure that processes are not suddenly interrupted.

Before starting any process, make sure your Internet connection is stable.

Steps to verify from your cell phone:


- Usually, the phone takes images of 3 or 4 MB, this implies that it may take 3 or more minutes to load on the platform, please wait without interrupting the process.

- If the camera is not activated during the process, open the option of Settings or Settings of your phone> Applications> Locate the browser> Permissions and grant permissions to the camera.

- You can verify your account with your valid Identity Card, Passport or Driver's License issued in Venezuela.

- You must take the photos of the document from both sides on a flat surface, without glare, without flash, and that the document data is legible.

- Do not take photos to other screens with your photo. This will be cause for immediate rejection by the system.

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