Why do I need to verify my account?

As a financial institution, Airtm is required to obtain information from our users. We do have a verification process similar to other companies, wallets, and exchanges. If the additional documentation is not submitted and approved, you will be unable to move funds out of your Airtm wallet in aggregate volume of $1,000 USD-equivalent.

All documents submitted via the process provided are held securely on a third party site that only select Airtm team members have the ability to view.

Please note, we may request a variety of documents, so it is important to follow the specific instructions. We want to know that you are indeed who you say you are by providing a government issued identification and selfie.

There are times we may request additional documentation, please provide these documents as soon as you can in order to complete this process as quickly as possible. We have security protocols that mitigate risk and as such as sometimes additional documents are needed.

Please note, that failure to complete the verification process will limit the ways you can user your Airtm wallet.

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