Is Airtm safe?

Airtm dollars (USDC) are backed 1:1 by dollars held in U.S. bank accounts and various liquidity funds.

When you add and withdraw funds from your Airtm balance, the funds from your transaction are held in our escrow account. Only once you and your partner are satisfied, the funds will be released to the receiving party, and will be backed by a trusted mediation process should problems arise.

It is important to follow our safety recommendations to make Airtm safer:

- Do not open the links you receive in your peer's chat room or any other Airtm-related site.

- Do not open links from unofficial individuals who say "make money or hack into accounts. These links are used to steal your login details and therefore your money.

- Activate two-factor authentication (2FA) for your security before you have a balance on Airtm. This can be done under the Settings > Security tab.

- Do not accept or offer "direct" transactions to avoid fees. These transactions are not supported by Airtm and in most cases those that offer this option are fraudulent. If such actions are detected, Airtm reserves the right to suspend the account(s) involved at any time

- To enhance the security of our peer network, we provide identity verification for AML (Anti-Money Laundering) and KYC (Know Your Customer) requirements by partnering with the Onfido verification service. 

Our peer network is based on a relationship of trust between users. We require verification and positive historical activity on our platform for users to accept and complete other members' add/withdraws.  To help protect our network, please immediately report any suspicious behavior by another user opening a ticket with us.

Airtm is FinCEN certified (Registration Number: 31000159836429), and we responsibly monitor all regulatory bodies in which we operate.

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