How do I enable the 2FA on my Airtm account?

Within the security settings on your Airtm board (Settings > Security), select to enable Two-Factor Authentication.

You will then need to open your two-factor application (Authy or Google Authenticator) on your phone, select add another account and scan the QR code presented within the Airtm settings.

Once the two-factor application registers the QR code, you must enter the six-digit code before it expires (usually 30 seconds) and press the "Validate & Enable" button.

You can activate the 2FA option for the following options:

Login: When enabled, each time you log in to your account you must confirm through your two-factor application.

Withdrawals and shipments: When enabled, with each withdraw and send you will be required to confirm through your two-factor application.

How do I use the two-factor application?

Whenever an event is enabled that requires two-factor authentication, you'll be prompted to check your two-factor application and enter the verification code within the time limit set in your application.

I'm having problems with my two-factor verification code

Make sure you are using the same two-factor application linked to your Airtm account and have selected your Airtm account within the two-factor application. You should remove any previous version of your Airtm account within your Airtm two-factor application if you have disabled two-factor authentication within your Airtm account settings and are trying to re-enable it.

If you continue to experience problems, please contact our support team and submit a screenshot of the settings you're currently using in your Two-Factor application.

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