I'm having trouble with the 2FA code

If you're trying to log in to your Airtm account and are having trouble with the code provided by the 2FA app, you should consider the following recommendations:

1. The time must be the same on both computers (PC and mobile) and must be set to the automatic time provided by the network.

2. Verify that you are entering the correct code provided by the app, either for your Airtm account (in case you have other accounts associated with your app).

3. Check the time of validity of your code in the app. If the code is valid for less than 10 seconds when you log in, it's advisable to wait for a new one.

4. Check that you have an active Airtm account in your app.

If after verifying the above points the problem persists, please send a ticket to be attended by our support team.

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