Conditions to Receive Cashback on Direct Withdrawals of Stellar USDC

Starting from November 21, 2023, the fees for direct withdrawals of Stellar USDC will be 1% for regular users. Meanwhile, cashiers who meet a set of conditions will enjoy a 0.4% cashback*, credited to their account after completing the transaction.

To receive the cashback, the cashier must:

  1. Have active permissions for at least 1 payment method (excluding all types of "Gift cards").

  2. Have completed as a cashier a funding operation (withdrawal from a peer) in the last 28 days.

In addition, only cashiers who do not exceed 20% of the volume completed as a cashier in deposits (withdrawal from a peer) in the P2P network in the last 28 days will be eligible for the cashback. This means you should not use this payment method for purposes other than recovering liquidity after accepting peer withdrawal transactions in P2P.

For example, if in the last 28 days you completed 100 transactions as a cashier for a total amount equivalent to 10,000 USDC, you will only be eligible to receive cashback for your direct withdrawals for an amount of up to 12,000 USDC in that same period. If you exceed the allowed amount, you will lose the benefit of instant cashback.

Please note that once the limit is reached, it is necessary to continue completing deposit operations (withdrawal from a peer) to continue receiving this benefit.

*(Note: The cashback amount may be subject to changes over time)

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