Conditions for using the Paypal Transaction Protection Program for withdrawal operations (Partner Funding)

The benefits of using electronic money processors come with some level of risk. As we know, the higher the risk, the greater the benefit. We have identified that PayPal transactions are among those with the most significant use in Airtm, from more than the 400 payment methods supported in the platform.

We are committed to working on eradicating bad actors from our ecosystem. That is why we continually include new functionalities and constantly monitor all transactions on the platform. However, as we know, unscrupulous people will always try to take advantage of them and exploit vulnerabilities in the financial systems to make easy money.

That is why we have decided to implement this Paypal Withdrawal Transaction Protection program (PWTP), which offers to selected users an additional security tool, providing appropriate coverage against bad actors who may initiate disputes on Paypal.

The protection coverage will be subject to compliance with a series of conditions previously established in this post.


General Protection Clauses:

The PWTP program will work with the following clauses:


CLAUSE 1: Launch date: The protection will be effective for transactions placed in Airtm as of June 28th 2021.

CLAUSE 2: Transactions included: The protection will cover only those completed WITHDRAWAL (PEER ADD) with the Paypal payment method.

CLAUSE 3: Maximum amount per operation considered: 400 AirUSD

CLAUSE 4: Percentage of coverage: 90% of the amount in dispute.

CLAUSE 5: Monthly coverage limit: 4 transactions or 400 AirUSD.

CLAUSE 6: Waiting period to receive a reimbursement: Up to 30 calendar days from the date of the resolution of the dispute in Paypal.

CLAUSE 7: Eligibility: The disputed transaction must have been completed by complying, without exception, with everything stipulated in the Procedure to complete a Paypal withdrawal, explained later in the post.

CLAUSE 8: Opportunity: The affected user must report any claim to protection within a maximum period of 5 calendar days, counted from the date the counterpart initiates the dispute in Paypal.

CLAUSE 9: Communication: To report a transaction for protection, the affected user must send a message from the email associated with their Airtm account, to The system will generate a support ticket number. All subsequent communication about the case must be done through the same ticket. 

CLAUSE 20: Information: At the time of making your report, the affected user must send the following information and images:

  • Transaction ID in Airtm.
  • Brief explanation of what happened.
  • Screenshot of the invoice sent.
  • Screenshot of the payment received.
  • Screenshot of the user's payment confirmation email.
  • Screenshot of your PayPal account where you can see the open dispute and the details of the case.

CLAUSE 11: Investigation: Airtm reserves the right to investigate the circumstances of the disputed transaction. The affected user must collaborate by sending the supporting material that is requested for this purpose.

CLAUSE 12: Penalty: If Airtm identifies any type of fraud intention using the protection program, the Airtm account of the affected user will be suspended immediately, the funds would be frozen for a period of 180 calendar days to carry out the related inquiries. Airtm reserves the right to initiate any other legal action that it considers appropriate.

CLAUSE 13: Duration: Airtm reserves the right to remove this protection program or change its conditions, as well as add or remove advanced users from the program at any time. 


B. Procedure to complete a  Paypal Withdrawal:

Any transaction to qualify for protection must be completed in accordance with this Procedure and Conditions.

  1. The advanced user must issue and send an invoice via Paypal to the mail registered in Airtm of his counterpart.

  2. The invoice must be sent from the same email used in Airtm by the affected user.

  3. The sending of invoices from emails other than those registered in Airtm, will not be covered by the protection.

  4. The affected user must include a text in the terms and conditions of the invoice indicating the intangible nature of the transaction, the non-return of funds and that it should not be paid until the service is satisfied. Here is a sample text:

    1. This invoice contemplates the provision of digital services that do not involve any physical delivery. The services provided are non-refundable. This invoice should only be paid when the recipient is completely satisfied with the service provided.

  5. The affected user must request his counterpart to resend the confirmation email that Paypal sends him at the time of completing the payment.

  6. The payment of the invoice must come from the same email address to which it was sent.

  7. The protection will only cover payments made with PAYPAL BALANCE. Payments made with funds of origin other than PAYPAL BALANCE, for example, from credit cards, financial institutions, Paypal Credit or any other additional channel that Paypal enables, in all or any jurisdiction later, will not be eligible.

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