How to use PayPal (More than $15) Transaction Protection for withdrawal operations (Partner Funding)?

Here you will find instructions on how to apply for the withdrawal protection program (peer's add) with PayPal.


  1. The program only applies to WITHDRAWAL operations (PEER'S ADD).
  2. The maximum amount per transaction to be protected is 400 USDC with a maximum monthly limit of 4 transactions or 400 USD.
  3. Maximum coverage limit of up to 90% of the transaction value.
  4. The maximum period to initiate the claim is 5 calendar days after the dispute is created in PayPal.
  5. The user must open a ticket with support ( sending the following information and documentation:
  • ID of the transaction in Airtm.
  • Short description of what happened.
  • Screenshot of the invoice sent to the user.
  • Screenshot of the payment received.
  • Screenshot of the user's payment confirmation email.
  • Screenshot of your PayPal account, where you can see the open dispute and the details of the case.

Important tips:

  1. You must create and submit an invoice via PayPal to the user's email address. The invoice must be presented from the same email registered in Airtm by the advanced user, and to the same email of the user registered in Airtm, without exceptions.
  2. You must verify that the payment of the invoice comes from the same email address to which the invoice has been sent.
  3. Ask your peer to resend the confirmation email that PayPal presents when the invoice payment is completed.
  4. Include a text in the terms and conditions of the invoice indicating: the intangible nature of the transaction, the non-refundability of the funds and that the invoice should not be paid until you are satisfied with the service.

To learn more about the program, we invite you to visit the following link.

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