What is the "Peer transfers" dashboard?

The transactions displayed in the "Accept Requests" panel are requests for peer-to-peer funding or withdrawal transactions that you can accept to complete your transaction. In exchange for your service, you will receive favorable rates that will reduce the costs of moving funds to and from your Airtm balance. To gain access to accept more payment methods, continue to accept and complete applications from members with high star ratings.

Once you have the permissions, you will have 2 options to accept peer requests:

Accept tab under the Add / Withdraw option.

Once you select your payment method and enter the value you wish to move, in addition to seeing a request tab, you will also see an accept tab. The accept tab will show you requests from members moving funds with an opposite transaction to yours, using the same payment method and a similar value to the one you entered. Once you select a partner request, you will be prompted to confirm the payment method information and then follow the instructions to complete it.

Peer transfers dashboard

The transfer panel is available for you to quickly filter by specific member requests and accept bulk requests to move larger volumes. You will be able to filter by specific payment methods, transaction types (fund/withdraw), and similar conditions.

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