How to earn money accepting peer transfers

To earn money by accepting transactions you must do the add/withdraw cycle by accepting requests from other users. 

In the pending transactions to be accepted, the Airtm network commission is already deducted, which is 0.40 USD. This network commission is in addition to the Peer commission you earn for accepting transactions, which is the reason why when you make the request as a user you notice that you cannot request it for the same amount that you see in the panel for accepting requests.

Next, we will mention where your profit for accepting operations from other users is reflected.

In withdrawals: It is reflected in the bank account or payment processor within the total amount sent by the peer, so it is not reflected in your Airtm account. Basically, you sell your AirUSD at a special price (higher), and in that special price is your profit. Within the withdrawal details, you can still see more details of the rate.

In adds: Your profit will be reflected in your total Airtm balance. In the same way as in the withdrawal, in the details of the funding transaction, you will have more information.

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