Get 50% cashback when completing applications in the launch month of our payment methods.

Dear Cashier,

By accepting transactions in the "I am Cashier" dashboard during the launch month of the payment methods you will be able to generate very attractive commissions on each transaction.

For each transaction you complete with these methods during the launch month, we will give you a 50% cashback on the fees charged by Airtm. This cashback will be credited to your balance in the first week of the month following the promotion. 

Here is an example of the calculation, taking into account the current commissions:

Transaction amount

$100 USDC

Service fee

$1.00% = $0.91 USDC

Escrow fee

$0.40 USDC

Total Airtm Commissions

$1.31 USDC


$0.66 USDC

Best of success in your operations!

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