Protection program for first transactions

Dear Cashier Community,

We are thrilled to announce that we will be introducing a protection service for cashiers who accept first transactions through the PayPal (Regular&Small), Skrill, and Wise (USD&EUR) payment methods.

All qualifying cashiers will have the opportunity to apply for a refund of the amount for those initial transactions that have been subject to any form of fraud.

Conditions to Apply for the Protection Program:

A) Seniority: The cashier must have completed their first transaction using the payment method at least 180 days prior to ticket creation.

B) Rating: The cashier must have a minimum rating of 4.7 at the time of ticket creation.

C) Completion Rate: The cashier must have an 80% or higher completion rate, meaning that out of every 100 accepted transactions, at least 80 must have been successfully completed using the payment method in question.

D) Fraud Rate: The cashier's fraud rate must be less than 1% for the payment method.

E) Completed Transactions: The cashier must have completed a minimum of 60 transactions using the payment method in question.

Program Conditions:

  1. The cashier will be protected for up to 2 transactions per week or 300 USDC per month, whichever comes first. The refund amount will be the total transaction value minus any applicable fees.

  2. Transactions exceeding 100 USDC will not be covered.

  3. The transaction must be the user's first transaction on Airtm and must be associated with the following payment methods: 

PayPal (Regular & Small)

Wise (USD & EUR)


  1. Cashiers eligible and willing to use the protection program must create a ticket on Airtm within 5 days of the chargeback.

  2. The cashier must create an Airtm ticket, mandatory sharing the following information:

  1. TRX ID

  2. Brief explanation of the case

  3. A screenshot confirming the payment by the customer to the cashier on the external platform. The program can only be used when the payment has been made with a balance from the external platform. Cases involving debit/credit card payments will not be accepted.

  4. Screenshot validating that the chargeback or fraud case occurred, along with the closure date of said fraud on the external platform (transactions with open disputes will not be covered).

  5. In the case of PayPal, a screenshot of the invoice sent to the user, which must include a statement identical in content to the following: "This invoice covers the provision of digital services that do not involve physical delivery. The services provided are non-refundable. This invoice should only be paid when the recipient is completely satisfied with the service provided."

Once the program conditions are validated, and the cashier is eligible, the payment will be approved and may take up to 15 business days to be credited to the cashier's account.

Useful Tips:

  1. Issue and send the invoice to the customer's email address as listed in their Airtm account. Both the cashier's and the user's email addresses on the invoice should be from Airtm.

  1. Verify that the payment for the invoice comes from the same email address to which the invoice was issued.

  1. Request that the customer, after making the payment, sends the confirmation email received from PayPal, confirming that the payment was made from a balance account rather than a debit/credit card.

  1. Include a disclaimer on the invoice indicating the intangible nature of the transaction, the non-refundable nature of the funds, and that payment should not be made until the service has been fully accepted and deemed satisfactory. For example: "This invoice covers the provision of digital services that do not involve physical delivery. The services provided are non-refundable. Payment of this invoice should not be made until the service has been fully accepted and deemed satisfactory, given its intangible nature."


  1. Airtm reserves the right to review each case and to provide coverage for the transaction, and may choose not to make a payment if there is evidence to suggest that the cashier is acting in bad faith or for any other reason. In such cases, all permissions may be permanently revoked, and the cashier may be subject to a ban, depending on the severity of the situation.

  1. Airtm also reserves the right to terminate the protection program at any time without prior notice.

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