Introducing Inverse Matching: An easier way to complete your cycle

Exciting news! We're thrilled to introduce Inverse Matching, a new feature designed to enhance your experience as a cashier. 

How does it work?

Inverse Matching prioritizes cashiers who have recently completed transactions on the opposite side using the same payment method. In simpler terms, if you've been completing Adds, you'll get priority in Withdrawals, and vice versa. To compensate for that prioritization we've implemented a small reduction in fees for these prioritized transactions.

What does this mean for you?

Inverse Matching means more efficiency by giving you priority for the transactions you need to complete your cycle within Airtm. While we understand that these transactions may generate slightly less income for you, remember that you always have the option to decline.

How much is the commission that the cashier will stop receiving? They say "small commission," yes, but how much is it? That, in the interest of transparency, is essential.

This will be dynamic and will depend on multiple factors like the payment method, the acceptance rate and other factors. The cashiers should always look at the local amount and the USDC amount before accepting any transactions.

How can one know which transactions are "prioritized" and which are not, if there is no indicator (like the background color of "Preferred" transactions at the time)?

There isn't an indicator at this time. We are discussing internally if we should add it and how we should add it.

From how many completed transactions will a payment method be "prioritized"?

This varies by payment method and other factors. There isn't a set number of transactions but we consider all of the recent transactions in the last few hours.

What will happen to activated payment methods when transactions no longer appear in a certain method because they are "prioritized" for others? Will I lose permissions?

The prioritized transactions are not hidden from other cashiers.

How will "priorities" be resolved in cycles where, traditionally, the vast majority of transactions on AirTM are either withdrawals or deposits only? How do you "guarantee" that I will have enough transactions on the other side (both in volume and in the number of transactions) to complete internal cycles, which I understand is what you are selling me in this implementation?

We cannot guarantee that cashiers will have an equal number of transactions on both sides. We are just trying to make cycling internally faster and more efficient.

For more details, please visit our help center or contact us at We're here to help with any questions or feedback you may have!

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