How do I accept requests from other peers?

Peer-to-peer transfers are requests from members that you can accept to complete their transaction. In return for your service, you will receive favorable rates that will reduce the costs of moving funds to and from your Airtm balance. To agree to accept more payment methods, continue to accept and complete applications from members with high star ratings.

Once you have the permissions, you will have 2 routes to accept applications from partners:

Accept tab in the Add/Withdraw option

Once you select your payment method and enter the value you want to move, in addition to seeing an application tab, you'll also see an acceptance tab. Accept tab will show you requests from members who move funds with a transaction opposite to yours, using the same payment method and a value similar to the one you entered. Once you select a partner application, you will be asked to confirm your payment method information and then follow the instructions to complete.

Peer requests tab

The peer requests tab is available so you can quickly filter for specific member requests and accept bulk requests to move larger volumes. You can filter by specific payment methods, transaction types (add/withdraw) and similar conditions.

Types of transactions 

- WITHDRAWAL (Peer Add) is a deposit from a client and for the advanced user it is a withdrawal. If you accept a WITHDRAWAL, you will receive in another currency or processor and your AirUSD balance will be debited for transfer to the other user.

- ADD (Peer Withdrawal) is a withdrawal for a customer and for the Advance User it is a deposit. If you accept a FUND, you will send in another currency or processor to the customer and receive the corresponding amount in your AirUSD balance.

When accepting a request, you are responsible for ensuring that your partner has an excellent experience in completing the transaction in a timely manner and for answering any questions they may have.

It is important that you are constantly aware of the payment method guidelines with which you are completing transactions. If necessary, seek expert advice on how to work safely with your money.

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