How do I enable 2FA on my Airtm account?

How do I enable the two factor option in Airtm?

1. In Settings > Security within your dashboard, select enable two-factor authentication.
2. You will then need to open your two-factor app, select to add another account, and scan the QR code presented within your Airtm settings.
3. Once you two-factor app registers your QR code, you will need to type in the code it presents to you and select the Enable button.

Now that you have linked your two-factor app to your Airtm account, you can then select to enable requiring two-factor authentication for the following operations:

Logins: When enabled, upon each login into your account you will be required to confirm via your two-factor app.
Transactions (Withdrawals & Sends): When enabled, upon each withdrawal and send you will be required to confirm via your two-factor app.

Whenever a two-factor authentication event is triggered (ie. 1-2 above), you will be required to check your two-factor app and type in the verification code within the set time limit shown in your app.

Make sure you are using the same two-factor app linked with your Airtm account, and you have selected your Airtm account within your two-factor app.
You must delete any older versions of your Airtm account within your two-factor app if you have disabled two-factor authentication within your Airtm account settings and are attempting to re-enable it.

If you continue to have issues, please contact sending a screenshot of the configuration you are currently using in your two-factor app.

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