Tips and rules to complete peer transfers

Accepting peer requests in Airtm is an independent activity in which you determine your hours, the capital you wish to invest and the payment methods with which you wish to work. Investing money in large volumes involves risks that you must know before operating to avoid incidents with the payment methods you select to use. Below are suggestions and rules to follow to help you complete peer transfers:

- Double check that the information you have provided to Airtm is correct. The name on any ID provided to Airtm must be the same as the name of the bank accounts or electronic payment methods that you use on the platform to facilitate peer transfers.

- Set maximums and minimums for add and withdrawals that you feel comfortable with and can fulfill.

- Verify that you have sufficient funds in your bank account or electronic payment method before accepting a withdrawal request. If you don't have the funds, you should cancel the transaction as soon as possible to give the client the opportunity to submit their request for another peer.

- Whenever you transfer money using your payment method, confirm the value is correct. Airtm is not responsible for errors committed in peer transfers.

- Execute transactions with agility and precision. This is the secret to have an excellent rating. A good rating will generate more requests, which means more business.

- Do not use bank and electronic payment methods from third party users, otherwise you may be banned from the platform.

- Stay available and respond in the shortest possible time to the messages you receive from your peer and the emails you receive from If you do not respond in a short period of time, you may be penalized.

- Don't offer or participate in direct transactions (transactions that did not occur from an Add/Withdraw request) with other users for balance changes. This is against the Airtm Terms of Service. The escrow service on our platform guarantees add and withdraw funds to reduce the risk of fraud or loss of both parties.

- All users, especially those who move large volumes, are responsible for reporting income and paying taxes corresponding to the activity they perform and comply with the regulations of their country. We recommend seeking expert local advice in the area (accountants, lawyers).

- Airtm is not responsible for any breach of local law and / or terms and conditions of payment method terms not respected by any user.

- The Airtm peer network is confidential and should NOT be used for any purpose outside the Airtm platform.
Any way in which you seek to evade fees for add or withdrawal funds from the platform, will be sufficient reason for permanent suspension.

Airtm reserves the right to sanction, disable or suspend accounts that do not comply with parameters that Airtm considers to be good security or service practices.

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