About Sandbox and Live Integration Environments

  1. Sandbox/Test environment

Host: https://payments.static-stg.tests.airtm.org

Port: 443

Sandbox user interface: https://app.stg.airtm.io/login

More info at: https://docs.airtm.com/hosts-servers-and-ports

  1. Production/Live environment

Host: payments.air-pay.io

Port: 443

Live user interface: https://app.airtm.com/login

More info at: https://docs.airtm.com/hosts-servers-and-ports

  1. Endpoints for deposits, withdrawals, and bulk payments in Airtm testing environment.

For deposits (Pay-ins): https://payments.static-stg.tests.airtm.org/purchases

For withdrawals (Pay-outs): https://payments.static-stg.tests.airtm.org/payouts

For bulk payments: https://payments.static-stg.tests.airtm.org/bulk-payments

When going live change to production endpoint “payments.air-pay.io/” plus the feature you integrated, such as “purchases”, “payouts” or “bulk-payments”.

  1. Do I need to create Airtm accounts for testing purposes? Can you provide testing accounts?

Yes, you can create accounts in our sandbox environment here. Also, if you like, we can provide sandbox accounts for temporary use, so you don't have to create accounts for testing purposes, for this, please contact your Onboarding Manager or Account Manager.

  1. Do I need to have an available balance on the Airtm account to perform testing?

Yes, to add funds to your Airtm account in the sandbox environment, please contact your onboarding manager or account manager at Airtm to handle the request.

  1. How many Airtm accounts do I need for testing purposes?

We recommend at least two, as you cannot receive payments or confirm purchases created by yourself. You will need one account to act as the buyer while testing the Purchase API (pay-ins), and another one to act as the receiver while testing the Payments/payouts and Bulk Payments API.

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