Airtm EvolutionScript Payment Gateway Setup

Accept payments in Airtm USDC by enabling the Airtm Payment Gateway plugin to a site supporting EvolutionScript.

Steps to Setup:

  1. Install the EvolutionScript on your Wordpress site.

  2. In your EvolutionScript Settings, under the Methods tab, select “Airtm” and configure the following information:

    1. Input Live API Key and Live API Secret. 

    2. API Key and Secret for production environment can be accessed in your Settings > Apps while logged into your Airtm account.

When Airtm is enabled as a payment gateway, your customers can select to pay with Airtm and will be redirected to login to their Airtm account to confirm payment. 

Once you have installed the plugin and you are ready to accept Airtm payments on your site, complete the Airtm Online Store Directory Form to request for your store to be published on our store directly visible to over 1 million users throughout Latin America.

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