About Processing Currencies and Payment Methods

  1. Processing currencies that the merchant account can accept

Via API, processing currency from our side will always be USD

  1. Available currencies. Where can I see a full list of them? if any other currencies are accepted?

For transactions via API the currency by default is USD. The API request attributes are structured in USD, Airtm's API works as a means to move funds between Airtm accounts, the currency in Airtm is USDC = USD. If you have other currencies on your end, you would need to perform internal currency conversion on your side to reflect the equivalent of each currency.

  1. Does the API perform automatic currency conversion?

Not for the moment.

  1. Does the API support Card or E-wallet payments?

No, the API handles payments between Airtm accounts.

  1. Does the API handle crypto payments?

No, the API will always move USDC balance.

  1. Can a customer deposit in a different currency than specified in the initial request?

They cannot deposit in a different currency

  1. Can the amount or currency of a transaction be changed? (can I get in notification/response another currency/amount different from the request currency/amount)?


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