About IP Callbacks and Notifications

  1. Does the API integration support status notifications? can the notification URL be specified in the integration API?

Yes, our servers will attempt to call an endpoint on your side to notify you of status changes in transactions, and the notification URL can be specified via the API.

  1. Does the API provide callbacks for both, purchases (pay-ins) and withdrawals (pay-outs)?

Yes, please refer to the purchase and payments API documentation.

  1. Can you provide an example of a notification response?

The purchases and pay-out functionalities of our API will attempt to notify you about status changes. In that case, we will attempt to POST something like this:

For pay-outs:


    "id": "f8dd11dd-12fe-42f7-8e5c-9035714dd43d",

    "code": null,

    "amount": "200.00",

    "status": "completed",

    "cancel_uri": null,

    "created_at": "2021-01-30T07:47:01.055Z",

    "partner_id": "4c41f826-115f-40d6-b34c-2a5885e51d27",

    "updated_at": "2021-01-30T07:47:02.061Z",

    "description": "Some description provided by the partner",

    "failure_uri": "https://example.com/123/failure",

    "airtm_user_id": "119500e5-094f-4020-beb4-69f5b6f32ee7",

    "failure_reason": null,

    "operation_type": "payout",

    "airtm_user_email": "useremail@hotmail.com",

    "confirmation_uri": "https://example.com/123/confirmed",

    "airtm_operation_id": "cfcd89bd-f3e7-4525-af61-83d906e5117c"


For purchases:


"id": "f85e1a28-0ee4-468f-896d-cbb2caf536de",

"code": "123456",

"amount": "1.00",

"status": "confirmed",

"cancel_uri": "http://myserver.mydomain/cancel",

"created_at": "2022-08-15T23:42:16.933Z",

"partner_id": "afe23416-1d7f-4c54-803f-7e87cdd193ba",

"updated_at": "2022-08-15T23:42:34.016Z",

"description": "Test purchase",

"failure_uri": null,

"callback_uri": "http://myserver.mydomain/callback",

"airtm_user_id": "6bd1e5b1-7d12-4112-aa1c-3e67454b56f6",

"failure_reason": null,

"operation_type": "purchase",

"airtm_user_email": "some@email.com",

"confirmation_uri": "http://myserver.mydomain/confirmed",

"airtm_operation_id": "cd529399-1df5-42e2-b2e8-64962eb72562",

"airtm_operation_hash": "1DF5PR42E2CPB2E8"


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