About API Credentials

  1. How do I generate API credentials (API Secret, API Key)?

Currently, the API credentials can be generated directly from your production or sandbox Airtm accounts, from the Settings - Applications section, for this you must have the account verified and activate the 2FA for login.

  1. Can I generate API keys from the Airtm mobile App?

Currently, the mobile App does not support generating API keys.

  1. How many API credentials can I generate per account?

Currently, there’s no limit to how many API credentials you can generate, however, we appreciate that you make conscious use and only generate the ones that are necessary for your use case.

  1.  What name should we put to the API Credential?

If it’s gonna be used in the Purchase API (pay-ins) integration, please put the name of your Company or site, as that name will be displayed when users are redirected to confirm the purchase/deposit.

  1.  If I change the email associated with the Airtm account, do I have to generate new API Secret, API Key?

If you have active API credentials, you must remove them and generate new credentials.

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