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We want to understand more about the Data Labeling industry, complete this Typeform and participate in Giveaway for 50 USDC. It won't take you even 5 minutes to do it.

To participate you should only complete this survey, you have until March 15, 2024 at 11:59 pm (Eastern Time - ET).

The following T&Cs apply:

  1. ORGANIZER: These terms and conditions (the "Rules") govern the "Earn Rewards for Your Opinion" promotion (the "Promotion") and is organized by Airtm Inc ("Airtm" or "the Organizer", interchangeably), with an address at 8 The Green, STE 300, Dover, DE 19901, United States.
  2. ACCEPTANCE OF RULES: Participants in the Promotion, by their sole participation, declare that they are aware of and accept each and every one of the terms described in these Rules. Said terms may be modified by the Organizer, without altering the essence of the Promotion or affecting the rights acquired by the participants. Such modifications will be published in the same media as these Bases, without altering the acceptance previously given by the participant.
  3. SCOPE AND VALIDITY: The Promotion is valid geographically in all countries where Airtm operates, with the exception of those mentioned herein. It is valid from Febraury 15, 2024 until March 15, 2024 at 11:59 pm (Eastern Time - ET).
  4. PARTICIPATION: All Airtm users who meet the following conditions are eligible to participate. To participate:
    1. Each natural person must register with Airtm or already be registered before the end of the sweepstakes, have their account active and verified.
    2. Correctly complete the questions that you will find in this TypeForm.
    3. Share this survey with a colleague who also make money with Data Labelling platforms.
  5. INVITATION: The invitation to participate is made by sending a communication by email and/or publishing the Promotion on the web and/or social networks, among other options according to the choice of the Organizer.
  6. SELECTION OF WINNERS: On March 20, 2024 at 5:00 p.m. Eastern Time (UT), 5 potential winners will be drawn from among all registered Airtm users who have complied with the terms of these Rules. The information of a participant will then be drawn to act as an alternate in the event that the previously selected potential winner is invalidated. Such alternates, if necessary, will be contacted -through the same means in which the Promotion was promoted- and following the same order of selection already established. Only one prize will be awarded per person and per Airtm user registered in his/her name, without exception.
  7. The assignment of the prizes identified in point 7 will be conditioned upon the potential winners responding to the email confirming that they are one of the winners between March 20, 2024 at 5:00 p.m. Eastern Time (UT) and March 27, 2024 at 5:00 p.m. Eastern Time (UT). Any unallocated prizes will be held by the Organizer. After communicating with all the potential winners and if none of them is awarded, the Organizer will contact the first alternate drawn until the number of prizes stipulated is reached. Once the winners have been assigned, the winner will be notified on December 15, 2023 through Airtm's Instagram account @airtminc.
    PRIZE: The prize will consist in the delivery of 50 USDC to 1 winner. In order to receive the prize, the winner will be required to present the documentation required by Airtm to prove his/her identity.  The prize cannot be exchanged for cash or any other good or any other benefit other than those provided for in these Rules. All costs arising from the participation or from obtaining or assigning and withdrawing the prize, as well as any tax, fee, contribution, tariff or sum of money that must be paid due to the participation in the Promotion or that may be imposed in the future on the Prize, as well as the expenses, without limitation, of transportation and stay incurred in the event of claiming, withdrawing or using the Prize, as well as any other, will be at the winner's exclusive charge.
  8. LIABILITY: The Organizer shall not be liable if the data of the participants have been erroneously consigned. Likewise, the Organizer shall not be liable for any claim of any kind made by third parties claiming any intellectual property right or of any nature related to this Promotion. The Organizer will not be responsible for the malfunction or defects of the product awarded as a prize.
  9. AUTHORIZATION: The participants of this campaign expressly authorize the organizer to disseminate -by the same means in which the contest is advertised- their name and surname, as well as to communicate with the participant by the means denounced in the form with the sole purpose of publishing the result. The collection and processing of personal data shall be carried out in accordance with the Privacy Policy of Airtm.
  10. ORGANIZER. POWERS.The Organizer, without incurring any burden, obligation and/or liability whatsoever, may: a) modify these Terms and Conditions by publishing the new instrument on the website www.airtm. io to consider the potential participants, the participants, the potential winners and the winners as notified, b) request the revalidation or rectification of the entries, c) cancel or suspend this Promotion before notifying the winners, d) extend each of the terms and dates set before the end of the registration period provided for in these Rules, e) modify the date of delivery of the prizes or execution thereof, which may not exceed twelve (12) months, f) request the participants and/or potential winners, at any time before the end of the Promotion, to verify their data and/or corroborate and/or rectify the same, as well as to ratify their registration.
  11. JURISDICTION: For any dispute arising out of this campaign and/or Rules, the exclusive jurisdiction of the federal or state courts, as applicable, of the State of Delaware, United States of America, shall govern. The Organizer and potential entrants, entrants, potential winners and winners consent to the jurisdiction of such courts and waive any objection to such jurisdiction.

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