What is the inactivity fee?

Airtm users enjoy a range of benefits associated with their accounts, including a full suite of tools, products and support. As the value we provide our users has expanded, Airtm continues to invest in our services, giving users even greater opportunities to pay and get paid, and protect their funds globally. We've introduced an inactivity fee to maintain accounts that are inactive. The inactivity fee is limited and intended to only impact accounts that haven't completed a transaction within the past 12 months. In that case, a monthly inactivity fee of $10 USDC (or the remaining balance on the account if less than $10) will be deducted from the funds in their account each calendar month. Accounts with a balance of $0 USDC will not be impacted. This fee does not apply to users in the United States.

To avoid this fee, users must complete one of the following transactions within each 12 month period: 

  • Add or withdraw to/from your Airtm account via Airtm's peer to peer network.
  • Add or withdraw to/from your Airtm account via a direct connection with a payment provider.
  • Send, pay, receive or request funds to/from your account.

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