What are the daily and monthly transaction volume limits?

When transacting with Airtm, users are limited from sending and withdrawing the following volumes daily and monthly time periods. There are no limits for adding and receiving funds in to your Airtm account.
These limits do not apply when accepting a peer add request.
These limits do not apply to Airtm Partner accounts.

Account TypeSignup
Daily Volume LimitMonthly Volume Limit
Signup < 90 days ago$2,500 USDC$10,000 USDC
Signup > 90 days ago$5,000 USDC$20,000 USDC
Signup < 90 days ago$10,000 USDC$30,000 USDC
Signup > 90 days ago$20,000 USDC$50,000 USDC

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