Monthly USDC Loyalty Reward

To encourage users to hold their funds in USDC, Airtm provides a monthly loyality reward paid in USDC. For users that hold funds in their Airtm wallet throughout the month, Airtm rewards them by providing a 1% annual rate reward paid monthly.

Monthly USDC Loyaly Reward Conditions:

  • Monthly USDC loyalty rewards pay 1% annual rate on your average USDC daily balance of the previous month. 
  • Monthly USDC loyalty rewards is valid only for users who have made one withdrawal or deposit during the particular month into their Airtm’s account.
  • USDC balances are taken at 11:59pm UTC daily, summed, and then divided by the number of calendar days in the previous month.
  • To apply the 1% annual rate, multiple your average daily USDC balance by 1% over 1 month out of 12 months.
  • Minimum monthly loyalty reward payment is $0.01.
  • Monthly USDC loyalty rewards are paid during the first week of each month.
  • Eligible for users in all countries except Mexico and United States.

Reward payment example:

If you had $1000.00 at the start of February, then on the 10th you withdrew $100, on the 20th you received $200, and on the 25th you sent $50, your average daily balance would be $962.50:

1st - 9th: $1000

10th - 19th: $900

20th - 24th: $1100

25th - 28th: $1150

((1000*9)+(900*10)+(1100*5)+(1150*4))/28 =$1,003.57

To then apply the 1% annual rate, $1,003.57 *(.01/12) = $0.84 USDC loyalty reward.

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