Airners Rank Program - Discord

Terms & conditions

1- Chat Participation:

Users engaging in general chat, links-url, let's connect, and open-mic channels within Airners Discord agree to contribute meaningful messages that enrich the community, in exchange for XP and entry into monthly giveaways.

2- Special Ranks:

2.1. Airner Bronze:

  • Users reaching level 5.

  • Receive the Airner Bronze role with a distinctive emoji.

  • Participate in the monthly giveaway for 5 USDC.

  • Single winner per rank.

2.2. Airner Silver II:

  • Users reaching level 10.

  • Receive the Airner Silver II role with a distinctive emoji.

  • Participate in the monthly giveaway for 10 USDC.

  • Single winner per rank.

2.3. Airner Silver III:

  • Users reaching level 15.

  • Receive the Airner Silver III role with its distinctive badge.

  • Participate in the monthly giveaway for 15 USDC.

  • Single winner per rank.

2.4. Airner Gold:

  • Highest rank achievable at level 20.

  • Receive the Airner Gold rank with its badge and may participate in exclusive events.

  • Participate in the monthly giveaway for 20 USDC.

  • Single winner per rank.

3- XP Reset:

XP will reset on the last day of the month at 23:50 (Argentina time), starting a new month for users to continue participating and earning rewards.

4- Penalties for Chat Misuse:

4.1. Irrelevant messages will incur a penalty of -80XP per message.

Example: In a discussion about microtasks, someone interrupts to talk about their vacation, unrelated to the main topic, or seeks support for their Airtm account.

4.2. Empty, senseless, contextless, massive messages with a clear intent to gain XP will be penalized with -120XP per message.

Example: Repeatedly sending "hello" or emojis without context in an obvious attempt to accumulate experience points.

4.3. Insulting, offensive, or denigrating messages towards other Airners will result in a penalty of -500XP per message.

Example: Using offensive language towards another participant, such as personal insults or derogatory comments about their skills or knowledge.

5- Modifications and Adaptations:

These terms and conditions may be adjusted based on community feedback and Airtm's discretion. Users are responsible for regularly reviewing the terms and conditions for any changes.

6- Promotion Conditions:

Applicable Countries:

The promotion applies to all countries where Airtm operates. To view restricted regions, visit the following link:

7- Participation Conditions:

To participate in the promotion, users must:

  • Be Airtm users.

  • Have a verified account.

  • Have acquired XP points.

8- Prize Payment:

The benefit will be credited to the accounts of the winning users within the next 7 business days after being announced as winners.

9- Additional Conditions:

  • The promotion applies to individual verified Airtm accounts and is void where prohibited by local law.

  • A member of the Airners community on Discord can only be linked to a single Airtm account and must be the owner of that account.

  • We reserve the right to modify these terms and conditions and disqualify any participant whom we suspect is violating these rules or not adhering to the norms of each chat or voice channel.

  • Employees or collaborators of the Organizer are not eligible to participate in the promotion.

  • Merely participating implies authorization for the publication of Discord usernames in the media where the promotion is advertised.

  • Participants are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of their accounts and notifying any unauthorized access.

  • Participation implies acceptance of these terms and conditions and Airtm's terms of service.

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