What is average transaction time?

At Airtm, our platform's speed outshines traditional transaction methods, offering swift settlement times across various currencies and transfer methods. Here's what you can expect with Airtm:

  • API Payins/Payouts:
    • Transactions between Airtm and users for payins or payouts via the API are processed instantly. This ensures users and businesses have quick access to funds.
  • Mass Payouts:
    • When businesses need to make payments to a large number of users, these mass payouts are also processed instantly, ensuring timely disbursements.
  • User Wallet Transactions:
    • From User's Wallet to Local Currency : The average time for users to convert funds between their Airtm wallet and their local currency, in both directions, is approximately 14 minutes.

While platforms like Paypal might have longer waiting periods and steeper fees, with Airtm, rapid and cost-effective transactions are a guarantee. Please be aware that exact settlement times may vary based on the selected country, but our dedication to speedy and efficient transactions remains consistent.

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