What safety measures are taken to ensure funds are secured?

At Airtm, safeguarding your funds is our top priority. Our security approach can be outlined as follows:

  • Asset Stability: All AirUsd holdings are pegged to USDC (USD Coin). This ensures every AirUsd unit you own is backed by an equivalent USDC, providing consistent value stability.

  • Third-Party Integration: Our security infrastructure integrates with reputable third-party vendors to ensure transactional integrity.

  • Machine Learning: We are enhancing our security measures by integrating machine learning to better detect and counteract irregularities in transaction patterns.

  • Mandatory Safeguards: All Airtm employees are required to use two-factor authentication (2FA) and have encrypted equipment.

  • P2P Transaction Layer: As a key handler of P2P transaction layers, we ensure rigorous monitoring and checks are in place for every peer-to-peer exchange.

  • Client Fund Protection: Airtm maintains full reserves, ensuring we never utilize or access client funds for any other purposes. This offers a transparent and trustworthy financial environment for all our clients.

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