Skrill payment method update

At Airtm we are constantly working to improve the user experience on the platform, therefore, based on the feedback received from our users and with the aim of making it easier to perform operations, we have decided to separate Skrill operations based on the origin of the balance. 

Therefore, the Skrill payment method is now divided in two: Skrill (Skrill Balance) and Skrill (Mastercard Balance). This change aims to make it easier for users to complete transactions more efficiently and easily.

From your Airtm account you have the option to configure both payment methods, you can even add only one of them, if that is your choice. From now on, if you wish to place a funding transaction with this e-wallet, you will have to select the corresponding version, depending on whether the available balance in your Skrill account comes from a Mastercard credit card or not.  It is very important to make sure of the origin of your funds to select the correct option and avoid inconveniences with your counterparty.

Likewise, as an advanced user, you will only see the operations of other users that have been placed with the version of the payment method you have configured in your account. In the case of completing other people's funds, it is highly recommended that, before releasing the transaction in Airtm, you make sure that the origin of the funds that have been sent to you corresponds to the version of the payment method selected by the user when placing the transaction. Remember that once you release a transaction, you are confirming to us that everything went smoothly and this action is irreversible. 

For the convenience of our users, at the time of this division, both versions (Skrill Balance and Skrill Mastercard Balance) were added to the payment methods of all users who have already registered Skrill in Airtm, so if you are one of them, you do not need to make any modification in your account.

Important: The fees for completing transactions with both payment method options (Skrill Balance and Skrill Mastercard Balance) may be different, even if they are from the same e-wallet. These fees will depend on supply and demand, as well as the usability of the Skrill balance. 

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