Invite and Win with Airtm and your friends.

At Airtm we thank all those who help us grow, inviting their friends to receive and convert payments to their local currency in the fastest and safest way possible, to protect the value of what they earn and to be part of the best peer-to-peer network in the world

Inviting your friends is incredibly fast and easy 

¿How to invite? 

  • Inside Airtm, you will find on your left sidebar an icon with the following title: Invite Friends.

  • After clicking the icon, you would be immediately redirected into our Invite Friends Menu, where you can either write your friend's email and send them an invitation via email or share via Whatsapp or Facebook your personalized referral link. 

  • There is also a third option, in which you can generate your personalized referral link, copy it, and attach it wherever you decide. 

¿How can I start winning and what benefits will I obtain? 

  • Once your friend clicks your Partner Referral Link and registers on Airtm, the missing steps would be shown on their Home Menu, and after completing them you will both earn the rewards in less than 48 hours.

  • During the first year after being registered, a percentage of the commission charged to your invited friend's transactions will be given to you

  • Last but not least, Once 10 of your invited friends complete their first add and are all verified, you will be selected to be part of our Ambassadors Program, where you can earn up to $300 digital dollars on a weekly basis, combined as well with other exclusive benefits inside Airtm.

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