How to add money to your Deriv account using Airtm

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How to add funds to Deriv from Airtm

  1. Log in to your Deriv account, and select the "Deposit" option.

  1. Select "Deposit via wire, credit card, and e-wallet" and select "Airtm".

  1. Enter the amount to deposit (min $5, max $2500) and click "Next".

  1. Click "Continue" to proceed with the selected payment.

  1. Login to your Airtm account with your email and password.

  1. Verify the transaction data and click on "Confirm".

  1. Automatically, you will receive a receipt of the payment made with all the data of the transaction.

  1. Automatically, you will receive an email from Deriv, confirming the transaction and you will have the funds credited to your account.

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