Quality rules for users

Airtm's Quality program constantly evaluates user activity within the platform.

The quality evaluation is continuous, reviewing overall user activity, so it is possible that even if you have a lot of completed transactions and a good historical rating if the system will detect some unusual behavior, in this case, the system will send warnings and give you recommendations to avoid making the same mistakes in the future.

Quality and security are some of Airtm's most important values, so detecting infractions with your account or excessive cancellations without reason could be a reason for temporary or permanent suspension of your account.

Some of the variables monitored in this program include: 

Number of canceled transactions: When the user requesting the transaction cancels the operation after it has been accepted by a cashier.

Payments from third-party accounts: When the user uses third-party accounts to send or receive payments.

Changes in the internal conditions of the transaction: When the user proposes to use another payment method, commissions, or exchange rate. 

Sharing or requesting personal information: When the user shares his phone number, email, or any kind of personal information through chat or adds it to a payment method that does not require it. 

As you can see, for the quality program the cancellations that are taken into account are those that have been accepted by a cashier and where you have been the one who has initiated the cancellation process. Our recommendation is that you should only create a request when you are absolutely sure that you are interested in completing it.

If the cashier does not answer it is preferable to use the chat and wait for a response rather than rushing to request a cancellation; remember that if the cashier does not complete the payment within the set time, the transaction will cancel itself.

In the evaluation of payments from third-party accounts or sharing/requesting personal information in a payment method/chat, we only take into account when the user is the one who commits the infraction. If the cashier who accepts your request is the one who infringes the rules, you can contact us to take the necessary measures.

Avoid requesting multiple transactions if you only want to complete one of them, and be aware of the fee to be paid to the payment processor, remember that it is forbidden to make or request payments from third-party banks or electronic accounts.

Stay tuned to our messages and recommendations, we are sure they will help you get the most out of the platform for the benefit of all.

Contact us if you have any additional questions or suggestions.

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