Is there a fee for sending funds?

Airtm dynamically sets send fees based on your historic activity. By default you will have a send fee with the following logic, however for your specific account this may change. 

If you send more than $400 USDC in aggregate volume to other users OR >3 sends (including completing fund requests received) on Airtm within the same month (determined by UTC timezone), a 1% commission will be charged after exceeding the limit, as follows:

  • If you send $300 USDC on September 1 (for example) and then USD 200 September 2, a 1% fee will be charged on the additional $100 USDC over the $400 USDC limit per month. 
  • If you send $200 USDC on September 3rd, 1% will be charged on the $200 USDC total since you already exceeded the $400 USDC limit per month on September 2.
  • If you send $100 USDC on October 1, no fee or commission will be charged because the $400 AirUSD limit will have been re-established.

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