Security Policies

- Transactions on Airtm may only be conducted with funds that are of legitimate origin, not linked to criminal or illicit activity of any kind.

- The accounts you use to fund our platform must be in your name. You are not allowed to use third party accounts to transfer either by completing withdrawals from other partners or by funding as a client on Airtm. If a payment from a third party account is detected, a refund will be processed in local currency and the transaction will be cancelled on Airtm.

- Do not offer or engage in off-platform transactions with other users for balance changes. The trust service (funds in guarantee) on the platform only guarantees deposits or withdrawals, in order to avoid fraud for either party. Any way to avoid commissions for deposits or withdrawals from the platform, will be sufficient reason for permanent suspension of the account.

- We do not allow individual users to have multiple accounts on Airtm. If we detect that multiple accounts are associated with a single identity, we will close the accounts and Airtm will assess the possibility of restoring the funds in the original account, after making the appropriate investigations.

- The Airtm user database is confidential and should NOT be used for any purpose outside of the Airtm platform. 

- Users are responsible for declaring income and paying taxes corresponding to the activity they perform and for complying with their country's regulations. We recommend that you seek local advice from experts in the area. (accountants, lawyers). 

- Only one telephone number can be associated with an account on the platform. If it is added to others, they cannot be verified.

- The name registered on the account cannot be changed after the account has been verified. It must match the identity card. If the account is a business account, our verification agents will contact you to complete the verification.

- The chat in the transactions is enabled in order to agree on times to make payments or to notify any kind of news. Sending data other than those registered by this means (bank accounts, telephone numbers, suspicious links) is not allowed. 

- External fees are assumed by the money issuer, except and cash transactions, whose costs for receiving money will be covered by the beneficiary. Important: If the entity with which you operate charges both parties, the sender covers the sending and the receiver takes care of the corresponding amount.

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