Transfer funds came late to peer account.. what should I do?

I try to add my funds with bank methods on August 3rd morning..

Unfortunately the bank system is error and my transfer sent 4 times ($40)..

And the funds arrived at peer account late on August 3rd afternoon after the time prior..

What should I do?

Sorry for my english is not so good..

thank you..

  • Hi Awe you must submit your cases to AirTM support through a SINGLE ticket well documented and explained through : there they explain your case step by step... exposing the chain of facts to details... expose captures where you can see the operation performed, the capture with the transaction ID, as well as the capture of the operation performed by the financial institution used for the funding where the transaction ID can be seen.... in this way you expose all your case in detail so that there will be an investigation.... all the above is crucial, so that the support agent who takes your case understands it unequivocally and can guide you in resolving it....

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