Didn't get money from peer

Hi sir Recently I do a transaction via AirTm. I like to transfer 5.86 $ into my account via peer that the guy name was DARSHAN J. Transaction was completed but amount didn't deposit. Please enquiry on it, and transfer my requested amount. My transaction I'd was D8F1TZ4F3AEY91EA. Thank You. What can I do?

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  • sir I will contact in my bank branch also but they also check and say no money recieving. I have $18 in my account. plzzz solve my issue sir as soon as possible.

  • Ok Maimuna ejaz if you are already in mediation, you must be attentive to your email, in which a support agent will contact you and mediate between the parties, it is decisive that you have all the supports and information that the agent requests with In order to attest to the fulfillment of your part and the case is resolved in your favor ... Remember that you can communicate via chat about the operation with your counterpart ...

  • hello sir,

    i send my acoount history by my issue is not solved. please solve my issue as soon as possible.

  • Hi Maimuna ejaz must maintain contact via email with the support staff that is attending to your specific case...

  • Hello this guy "Peer" by the name jesus rafael v. has never sent me my money and yet my transaction was completed kindly assist me on this. the transferred amount was $49.26. 

  • Ok Elick Matara Makanda if you have already confirmed the operation with the Id number in the system, specifically in the details panel, you only have to wait for the partner who took your operation to confirm...Remember that every operation has an estimated time frame for the operation to be performed (you can see it in your interface), therefore, you only have to wait, in case the partner does not confirm in the estimated time frame in your interface, the operation will go to mediation. Remember that you can communicate via chat with your counterpart in case of any eventuality...

  • I'm afraid of what I have been Seeing

    am new here. Seems we have Scammers here

    I read all the comments and I have Afraid of Sending Payment to Peer?

    What can I do if I send money and I did not get it Back? how

  • If you have any questions Francis Ocran just pay attention to how the Funding and Withdrawal operations are explained in the following tutorial: 



  • Ok Guillo i do understand all that but here is a scenario where the estimated wait time for the transaction to be completed elapsed was actually 2hours so since 3rd no communication and no money has been sent. Kindly can someone assist me to get my money sent. This Jesus doesn't even comment to let me know on what is going on.

  • Ok Elick Matara Makanda if you do your part correctly by continuing to confirm your part in the details panel, you just have to wait for the transaction to enter mediation...and have all the corresponding supports to prove that you did your part, when a support agent will contact you via email...remember that it is important to confirm with the transaction ID in the details panel in case of a funding transaction...

  • Hello Team

     Below is a screen short for the transfer claim. kindly help me out.


  • If you have any questions Elick Matara Makanda just pay attention to how the Funding and Withdrawal operations are explained in the following tutorial:





  • Hi Elick Matara Makanda, since this is your specific case proceed to access the help menu of your personal AIrTM account, there select the option problems with transaction and you will interact with the virtual assistant Airys...

  • My name is binod Kumar Sarkar I’m from India. Today morning I have a withdrawal via airtm to paytm but payment didn’t received yet. My user name - binod5d1f4ac4 Please find the attached transaction id . Peer name- Darshan J. Peer user name- hariomadnetwork Peer phone no. - 9974121602 Please do the needful. I think the peer is a fraud. This is the first time that I got so much difficulties from airtm withdrawal. This peer is totally misusing the system. I have used airtm lots of time but this time is terrible. I have seen lots of complaints lodged against him (Darshan J.) but you didn’t take any action against him. Please team do the needful as soon as possible. He told me he will pay within 24 hours but I’m sure he won’t pay. Transaction id- 94E1PZ4BDDJJACC3
  • Hi binod Kumar Sarkar you must send a "single" ticket to AirTM through: https://help.airtm.com/en/support/tickets/new there you fill in the fields corresponding to your case and explain in an extended and detailed way the event in question, that is to say, you expose the chain of facts and/or events in a sequential and specific way, attaching screenshots (panoramic photos) of the operation you performed, everything related to the operation that you present the problem the more detailed and specific the better. ...so that the support agent that takes your case understands it unequivocally and can guide you in the same ..... However, remember the following AirTM guideline: "Never complete a withdrawal if you have not verified that you have indeed received the money in the account you requested it from". By completing the withdrawal, you authorize us to release to your partner's account, the AirUSD that we hold in escrow and this action cannot be reversed....

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