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Estou com dificuldades para verificar minha carteira, quero fazer um depósito e retirar em sua plataforma. você pode me ajudar a verificar minha identidade novamente? Eu tentei antes, mas minha câmera estava sem qualidade. Esperar...


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  • Hi Ali Alicete You must explain your case better, the message is cut off or not explained well in order to guide you...

  • Hello, I can't validated my account, I sent my selfi and licence medicine but told it's not match, so, I sent a email whit new pics from and still doesn't work
  • leonardo pacheco You must comply with the following requirements at the bottom of the letter:

    In order for your verification to be successful you must follow the following advice to the letter: - Do not include digital screens in the photo (it is a photo, do not scan) - Do not include other faces in the photo - Do not digitally manipulate the photo (i.e. do not use filters or programs that modify its nature, if it is blurred or dark, or moved etc, retake the forum, and remember each image separately)...also remember that if you have problems with your ID, make sure you have met the following requirements: - Color image (no grayscale) - Clear image (you must take the photo with good lighting, it must not be moved, it must be very clear) - All the legible text (well defined, the photo must not be distorted when you zoom in, it may be understood for you but if it looks blurry it will be rejected i.e. it must be 100% sharp on both sides) - Image without reflections (select a very bright place avoid the reflection of your camera's flash, the light must look natural "not illuminated with editing techniques) - Full image of the ID document (no cuts on the edges) - The document must be in good condition and updated - Do not digitally manipulate the image. .....Failure to comply with the letter of any of these issues, however minor, will result in "unsuccessful" verification

    Don't worry you can redo your verification process by creating a support ticket, either in the AirTM help menu or through the address: you just have to fill in the corresponding information, attach the documentation that was requested in the verification and remember to always keep in mind the suggestions mentioned above . You can also follow the advice I leave here:

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