Paypal - 2.5% Cashback

1) What does the promotion consist of?

From September 12th to September 22nd, 2023, add funds to your Airtm account using PayPal for an amount greater than or equal to 125 USDC and get 2.5% cashback.

2) What is the validity of the promotion?

All users who make "add" transactions using the PayPal payment method during the period from September 12th to September 22nd, 2023, will be participating under the aforementioned conditions.

3) In which countries does the promotion apply?

The promotion is valid for all Airtm users who comply with local laws.

4) What conditions must be met?

  • To participate in the promotion, it is a requirement that the user has an Airtm account and has completed the identity verification process.
  • Having received the promotion via email.
  • Have performed 1 "add money" transaction using PayPal for an amount greater than or equal to 125 USDC during the period from September 12th to September 22nd, 2023.
  • To access this benefit, you must click on the blue button contained in the "pop-up" or the email.

5) How and when will the benefit be paid?

  • The benefit will consist of a refund or "cashback" equivalent to up to 2.5% of the amount of USDC that the User has added to their Airtm account once and within the promotion period.
  • The maximum amount of reimbursement or "cashback" that Airtm will provide per User will be $5 USDC.
  • The maximum monthly amount that Airtm will provide as a reimbursement or "cashback" during this promotion will be $1500 USDC.
  • The benefit payment will take place within 48 hours after the completion of any of the transactions mentioned above.
  • The benefit cannot be redeemed for any other goods or services other than those provided in these Terms. All costs arising from participation, obtaining, allocation, and withdrawal of the benefit, as well as any taxes, fees, contributions, tariffs, or sums of money currently payable in connection with participation in the promotion or imposed in the future on the benefit, as well as expenses, including, without limitation, transportation and accommodation incurred when claiming, withdrawing, or using the benefit, will be the sole responsibility of the User.

6) Additional Conditions:

  • The promotion applies to individual accounts and will be void where prohibited by local law.
  • We reserve the right to modify these terms and conditions and disqualify any participant suspected of violating these rules or engaging in fraudulent transactions.
  • Only verified individual accounts are eligible to win.
  • Employees or collaborators of the Organizer are not eligible to participate in the Promotion.
  • Participation in the Promotion implies that participants acknowledge and accept the provisions set forth in these Terms and Conditions, in accordance with applicable legal provisions, as well as Airtm's Terms of Service, available at

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