1- What is the promotion?

From June 15 to July 15, 2023, add funds to your Airtm account and send to Deriv, or send from Deriv to Airtm and withdraw to your favorite payment method for an amount equal to or greater than $30 AirUSD and get 5% cashback.

5% de cashback distributed as follows:

1,500 AirUSD in 1,000 prizes of $1.5 AirUSD.

2- What is the validity of the promotion?

All users who perform "add" or "withdraw" transactions during the period from June 15 to July 15, 2023, will be participating under the above-mentioned conditions.

3- In which countries will the promotion apply?

All countries covered by Airtm and Deriv, except for the countries listed in this article. 

4- What conditions must be met?

To participate, each new user must register with Airtm exclusively through the following link ( or have an account with Airtm for the duration of the promotion. The new User will only be able to participate by clicking on the above mentioned link. The same will take place within the Deriv platform;

Have an Airtm account, and have completed the identity verification process; 

Have withdrawn or deposited an amount equal to or greater than $30 AirUSD.

The User must also be registered with Deriv and have made at least 1 (one) transaction of sending and/or withdrawing money between Deriv and Airtm;

Individuals who register as Deriv and/or Airtm users after the effective date will not participate in the promotion.

Step by step to get the cashback:

    1: Send your funds from the Deriv platform to your Airtm account or vice versa.

    2: Make a deposit or withdrawal from your Airtm account to your selected payment method greater than or equal to $30 AirUSD.

    3: Ready! You already have the cashback of the transaction made.

5- How and when will the benefit be paid?

  • The benefit will consist of a refund or "cashback" equivalent to up to 5% of the amount of AirUSD that the User has withdrawn from their Deriv account to their Airtm account for a single time and within the period of validity of the promotion.

  • The maximum amount that Airtm will deliver per User as a refund or "cashback" is $1.5 AirUSD.

  • The maximum amount that Airtm will deliver in total as a refund or "cashback" during this promotion will be $1,500 AirUSD.

  • The payment of the benefit will take place within 24 hours. subsequent to the completion of any of the aforementioned transactions.

  • The benefit cannot be exchanged for any other good or any other benefit other than those provided for in these Bases. All costs derived from participation or from obtaining or assigning and withdrawing the benefit, as well as any tax, rate, contribution, tariff, or sum of money that must currently be paid due to participation in the promotion or that may be imposed in the future on the benefit, as well as the expenses, without limitation, of travel and accommodation incurred when in case of claiming, withdrawing or using the benefit, like any other, will be the sole responsibility of the User. 

6- Additional Conditions:

  • Promotion applies to individual accounts and is void where prohibited by local law.

  • We reserve the right to disqualify any entrant we suspect of violating these rules or engaging in fraudulent transactions.

  • Only those accounts that are verified and are individual accounts (not enterprise, ambassadors, influencers) will be eligible as winners.

  • Only 1 refund will apply to the first transaction within the time of the promotion.

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