Hype Games Discount (Hype Games Discount) - Terms and Conditions

What does the promotion consist of?

 The Promotion consists of providing discount coupons on video games (Free Fire, Perfect World, Avakin Life, among others) as well as Playstation and Xbox gift cards, Xbox Live and Xbox Game Pass subscriptions on the Hype Games platform to those users who access the Platea and Palco Packages organized by Airtm. 

How long is the promotion valid?

 Its term begins on November 21, 2022 at 00:01 am and ends on December 18, 2022 at 11:59 pm.

In which countries will the promotion apply?

The promotion will apply in all countries where Airtm operates. For more information please refer to our FAQs.

What conditions must be met?

The Promotion is open to all individuals who are Airtm users and who meet the following conditions:

Participants must be registered with Airtm and have their account verified prior to the end of the term.

Participants must have at least 25 World Cup tickets to be eligible to participate in the Promotion. To obtain World Cup tickets, please follow the instructions in the terms and conditions of the World Cup Promotion, available here.

How and when the Benefit will be delivered:

A first cut will be made on December 1, 2022 to deliver the discount coupons. On that day, all users with at least 25 World Cup tickets will receive, through a message and/or announcement on the Airtm platform, the code corresponding to the benefit, which can be redeemed on the Hype Games platform.

For all users who obtain 25 World Cup tickets after December 1, 2022, there will be a second cut-off on Wednesday, December 21, 2022, where a message/announcement will be sent through the Airtm platform where the code that can be redeemed on the Hype Games platform will be visible.

Additional Conditions:

 Winning participants may use their prizes until January 31, 2023 at 11:59 pm.

The promotion applies to individual accounts and is void where prohibited by local law.

We reserve the right to disqualify any participant we suspect of violating these rules or engaging in fraudulent transactions and to modify these terms and conditions during the term of the Promotion.

Only those accounts that are verified and are individual accounts will be eligible as winners.

To receive the Prize, it will be necessary to present the winner's valid national identification and/or any other documentation that Airtm requires to ensure the winner's identity.

The Prize cannot be exchanged for cash or for any other good or any other benefit other than those provided for in these Rules. 

The discounts offered in this Promotion are subject to compliance with the terms and conditions of the Airtm World Cup Promotion, available here.

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